Friday, 23 May 2008

Schools vote set to be a lot closer next time

A close look at how individual members of the old Gwynedd Council voted on the schools issue last December makes interesting reading - especially when you compare it with the make-up of the new council.
Back in December 44 councillors voted in favour of the controversial proposals, 23 voted against, five abstained and another five were absent.
But in the May 1 election only 23 of those who voted in favour were re-elected. On the other hand, 16 of the 23 who voted against were also returned - alongside an extra 10 Llais Gwynedd councillors who are committed to opposing school closures. This makes a total of 26.
In addition, 4 of the 5 abstainers have been re-elected as have 2 of the absentees.
If these six still do not vote on the issue, the future of our rural schools seems to be in the hands of the 20 remaining new councillors, who are 7 independents, 2 Liberal Democrats, 8 Plaid Cymru, 2 no party and 1 vacancy. It all looks pretty even.
To be fair to Deiniolen's Cllr Len Jones, he defied his party last December and voted against the schools proposals. Let's just hope he continues to vote according to his conscience next time around.

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